Good day Members of the Seven Seas Club,


Please be advised of the following Club notices:


Happy Hour and 100 Club Draw.  The next Happy Hour and 100 Club Draw will take place at the Club on Thursday the 13thof October 2016 from 17h00 to 18h00.  Cheeseburgers will be available at R30 each.  Normal attendance prizes for two lucky members in attendance will be drawn.


Seven Seas Club Quiz Evening.  The next Club Quiz Evening will take place at the Club on Wednesday the 19th of October at 18h30 for 19h00 (time brought forward by 30 min due to popular demand). Please provide your own snacks if required.


Hope to see you all there.


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Glen Marlow

(Club Manager)










Good day once again Members of the Seven Seas Club,


Apologies for the glitch, but I inadvertently sent out the wrong e mail minutes ago. Please be aware of the following Club Notices for September 2016:


Happy Hour and 100 Club Draw.  The next Happy Hour and 100 Club Draw will take place at the Club on Thursday the 8th of September 2016 from 17h00 to 18h00.  Boerewors Rolls will be available at R20 each.  Normal attendance prizes for two lucky members in attendance will be drawn.


Seven Seas Club Quiz Evening.  The next Club Quiz Evening will take place at the Club on Wednesday the 21st of September 2016 at 19h00 for 19h30.  Please provide your own refreshments if required. After Jack London’s message last month re attendance, there was a most encouraging response at the last quiz evening where the Club fielded no less than 6 tables. This is only 4 tables short of the desired 10 tables, so come on Members let’s have 10 tables on the 21st!! 


Yours aye, 


Glen Marlow

(Club Manager)








Home today to both Naval and Civilian members sharing a common interest and passion for maritime issues, the Seven Seas Club was originally formed by officers of the South African Navy as a private club providing facilities for reading, recreation, refreshment and companionship in a relaxed atmosphere for serving and retired officers and their guests. The serving Chief of the South African Navy is the Patron of the Club and, the Flag Officer Fleet, stationed in Simon's Town, is the Honorary President of the Club.


The Chief of the Navy is: Vice Admiral M.S. Hlongwane

The Flag Officer Fleet is: Rear Admiral B.K. Mhlana

The Club opened in 1959 on a site with magnificent views over Simon's Bay and the East Dockyard. The view from the Club bar has changed somewhat over the years but is still one of ships and boats and is still a view to be envied by many other clubs throughout the World. 

The club contains memorabilia, mainly in the form of photographs and badges of naval ships, many of which were inherited from the Naval Officers' Club vacated by the Royal Navy in 1956. It was of this old Club that Rudyard Kipling wrote:

"In this Club, as the Captains come and go,

you will hear the gossip of all the Seven Seas."


On the third Friday of every month the members and guests assembled in the Club raise their glasses and toast our Sister Clubs, the Seven Seas Clubs in London and Adelaide.

The Constitution of the Seven Seas Club can be downloaded here as a PDF Document:

The Constitution of The Seven Seas Club




The By Laws of the Seven Seas Club can be downloaded here as a PDF Document:

The By Laws of The Seven Seas Club

Enquiries concerning membership or proposed visits should be addressed to:


The Chairman

Seven Seas Club

P.O.Box 177



Republic of South Africa



The Club Manager, 


Captain Glen Marlow, SA Navy (Rtd) 


can be contacted telephonically at


+27 21 786 2989


after 10:00 (GMT) daily from Monday to Friday or email


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At what was to be the last Annual General Meeting of The Royal Naval Club, 5th April 1956, the following was minuted as being part of his address to members, by the then President of the Club, Vice Admiral Sir Ian Campbell;

"Although it has not been possible to establish exactly when this Royal Naval Club came into being, it is known that the Admiralty acquired the building in 1803".
"In 1888, the Committee of The Royal Naval Club, was concerned with the question of a liquor licence, and it was then recorded that the Committee hoped that the Government would not withhold from members of the Club, facilities they had enjoyed at the Club for some 20 years - so the Club must have been in existence as such from 1868"

It is also on record elsewhere that the building, Building 80 - diagonally across the road from the West Yard Gate, was used from its acquisition as a place of recreation for Royal Naval Officers.

With the implementation of the Simon's Town Agreement, at midnight 31st March 1957, all the naval facilities at Simon's Town (including Building 80) became the property of the Union Government and thus, of the Union Defence Force (UDF).

At the last Special General Meeting of the Royal Naval (RN) Club, 30th March 1957, it was minuted,

"The RN Club will close at midnight 31st March 1957. At the same time, The South African Naval (SAN) Club will be established on the premises"

The premises were leased to the SAN Club for one shilling per year.

In mid-June 1958, it was announced that no alcoholic liquor would be sold, or allowed to be consumed, on UDF property after 31st July 1958. Despite being a private, as opposed to a UDF Club, this applied to The SAN Club. Offers by the Club, and subsequently the Municipality (with the intention of leasing it to the Club), to buy the building were rejected.

At a Special General Meeting, 5th September 1958, it was unanimously decided to purchase land from the Muncipality and erect a new Clubhouse. The total cost was estimated as eight thousand, eight hundred pounds. This was raised with interest free loans from members and the RN and, by borrowing from the Navy Fund and a Building Society.

On Friday 13th February 1959, Defence Headquarters informed the Club Chairman that the Club could not function in the new premises unless it observed the ban on the sale of liquor.

At a meeting with the Chairman of the Club, Captain R.P. Dryden-Dymond (SAN), the Commandant General and the Secretary of Defence on Monday 23rd February 1959, it was eventually agreed that the ban on the sale of liquor would not apply provided that,

  1. the name of the Club be changed so that it cannot in any way be associated with the SA Navy;
  2. serving SADF officers do not serve in the management of the Club, and
  3. money is not lent to the Club by the Navy Fund.

Borrowing was rescheduled, the Constitution of the Club was changed to allow Associate Members to run the Club and, members were were asked to propose a name for the Club. Meanwhile, the "opening" of the "still-to-be-named" Club proceeded with a "choir practice" on the 2nd and a cocktail party on the 8th of May 1959.

At the Annual General Meeting of the SAN Club, 31st July 1959, the Club was reconstituted as The Seven Seas Club.

The name, proposed by Cdr Vivian Pierce RN (Rtd), was taken from Rudyard Kipling's short story, "Judson and the Empire" when, having visited The RN Club he stated that, "It is in that Club, as the Captains come and go, that one hears all the gossip of all the seven seas".

There is much more to be told, and will be told, of The Seven Seas Club and its predecessors - but not here and now!

The Seven Seas Club in Simon's Town can, under three different names and in two different buildings, trace its origin directly back to at least 1868 - making it the oldest surviving private club in South Africa. The minutes of various Club meetings give a clear, if sometimes expurgated, version of the history of the club.