When dress is specified for a particular function the minimum level in the Club is:

  1. Formal: Lounge suit unless dinner jacket is specifically stated.

  2. Smart Casual: Open neck shirt, trousers, shoes and socks.

  3. Casual: Open neck shirt, trousers or shorts, shoes and socks or sandals.

Ladies are expected to dress to an equivalent level.


Where dress is not associated with a specific function, the attire of members and their guests shall conform to the following:

At all times

  • Clothing is to be neat, clean and in good repair.

  • Sporting rigs are not permitted in the club (including sailing gear).

  • Overalls and Action Working Dress are not acceptable unless you are

    a volunteer working in the club.

  • T shirts are not allowed. All shirts worn in the club must have a collar.

  • Appropriate footwear shall be worn at all times.

  • Officers, when in uniform, are expected to wear the dress of the day.

    Before 18h00

  • If shorts are worn they are to be tailored – rugby shorts are not


  • If sandals are worn, only those that are securely fastened with straps

    are permitted to be worn. These sandals should be in line with the current driving regulations. Flip-flops are not allowed in the club.

    After 18h00

Smart Casual – shorts and sandals are not acceptable.

In summary, comfortable casual clothes are permitted until 18h00. After 18h00 smart casual clothes as defined in these by-laws are to be worn. (This cut-off time may be relaxed during the summer holidays, i.e. from 16thDecember to the 15th January, when the cut-off time will be extended from 18h00 to 20h00)

While members and their guests are expected to adhere to these dress requirements, to avoid embarrassment to unwitting transgressors, the club maintains a small set of collared shirts allowing one to be provided on loan to the transgressing party. Such loaned dress items are to be returned in a freshly laundered and pressed state.