Dress Definitions

When dress is specified for a particular function the minimum level in the Club is:

  • Formal : Lounge Suit unless dinner jacket has been specifically stated.
  • Informal : Sports jacket or blazer with tie or cravat and trousers/safari suit with trousers and cravat.
  • Casual : Open neck shirt, trousers with shoes and socks or, shorts with shoes and stockings. During the heat of summer, open neck shirts with shorts and sandals are approved for wear during the day until 18.00.

Ladies are expected to dress to a similar level.


Dress General

The Club basically provides a lounge and bar. As such the normal dress of members and their guests is to be that dress which a gentleman should expect in his lounge. That being so -

  • Whilst jeans and denims are now permitted, tatty or dirty ones are definitely out.
  • Sailing, surfing, beach or similar rigs (cycling, boxing, soccer, rugby etc) all have a place, as do track suits, but it is not in the Seven Seas Club.
  • Flip-flops and similar footwear (running shoes, boxing boots, mountaineering boots etc), or nothing on one's feet, also have a place - outside the club.
  • Sockless shoe wearers will not be welcomed.
  • If you like to wear shorts (which definitely does not include scanty briefs) with sandals, you are now welcome to do so during the day.
  • We don't accept overalls, unless you're a volunteer working on the club building, and similarly, Action Working Dress for officer members in the club, is not on, that apart, they are, when in uniform, expected to wear the dress of the day.
  • T-shirts, in the Club, are not permitted.


In other words comfortable, casual (when allowed by by-laws) but to the standard of an officer's and gentleman's club.